10 AI superpowers for SEO writing

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Dexter Awoyemi
Dexter Awoyemi


Let’s face it, content creation isn’t easy. Writers struggle with writer’s block and lack of time. Marketing teams grapple with limited budgets.

Business leaders want to rank higher in search but don’t always know the best topics and keywords. AI is here to help.

Discover 10 ways that AI writing assistants empower content creators to overcome common struggles and supercharge their SEO efforts.

1. AI saves you from writer’s block

Staring at a blank page unable to get started?

Ask the AI for content ideas.

Not sure how to talk about a topic?

Have AI give you a first draft and edit away.

2. AI helps discover the best SEO keywords and topics

Keyword research can be tedious and time consuming.

AI tools can make your life easier.

They provide automated, data-driven recommendations for keywords and related topics.

With AI you can be sure that you’re focusing your efforts in the right places by default.

3. AI keeps up with the competition automatically

Want to make sure your writing attracts users better than your competitors'?

AI assistants can analyze competitor content and summarize key themes, gaps and opportunities to cover.

AI assistants act as your personal competitive analysis expert, automatically scanning websites to retrieve and analyze competitor content.

Now you can ensure your content stays ahead of the curve without having to spend all your time reading and taking notes manually.

4. AI writes complete drafts in seconds

Crafting well-written, insightful content takes significant time and effort.

You have to outline the content, research it, organize it, write an introduction and headers, flesh out each section in detail, and finally come up with a conclusion.

The process takes the average human writer hours for a single long form post.

With AI you can cut that time down to minutes.

Simply give your writing assistant some explanations about the post purpose, topics to cover, keyword targets and length and any other details.

Then with the push of a button it generates a complete long form draft, saving you hours of work.

5. AI naturally optimizes content

AI makes SEO easy by weaving in keywords and related terms throughout an article to meet SEO best practices. This used to require way more effort!

AI handles keyword optimization automatically as it writes.

All you provide are the focus keywords and topics, and the AI will seamlessly integrate optimal keyword density, variants, synonyms, and related concepts into your draft.

Your assistant pays attention to your intent and providing value rather than simply cramming content with keywords.

The result is human-friendly content made for readers that is simultaneously optimized for high ranking potential on search engines.

6. AI creates reader-focused content

Keeping readers engaged should be the priority of any content you create.

But writing content that provides value, answers questions, and leaves readers satisfied rather than bored takes advanced writing skill.

AI is up to the task with the ability to analyze your topic and target audience and determine what readers want to know.

It writes content designed to grab attention while providing useful information and insights.

Rather than a dry, self-promotional product description, your AI assistant crafts content that naturally captivates readers.

7. AI adapts its tone and style to your brand

Every brand has its own distinct personality and style of communicating with its audience.

For consistent brand messaging, it’s important your content fits that tone and style.

AI makes it easy to achieve brand-aligned writing every time.

Simply provide your assistant with a few different content samples reflective of your desired tone.

It will analyze sentence structure, word choice, formatting, and overall style.

The AI will then mimic and apply these patterns in any new content it generates for you, ensuring the tone and voice match your brand.

8. AI enables creating more content faster

One of the biggest roadblocks to content production is the time it takes human writers to research and craft well-written content.

With AI you can scale your efforts and output dramatically.

While an experienced writer might take 20+ hours a week to produce a handful of articles, an AI assistant can draft up 20 articles or more within that same timeframe.

Try having AI write initial drafts then have your team focus on strategizing, editing, graphics and maximizing the impact of content vs manual writing.

AI assistants can generate far more content than human writers given the same timeframe and budget.

9. AI writes compelling titles and headlines

Catchy, descriptive titles are key for clicks and SEO but also one of the hardest parts of writing.

AI excels at summarizing content and generating creative headlines designed to capture attention.

It tests different versions and makes data-backed selections of titles that are optimized for your topic and audience.

Let your assistant handle the title writing so you can concentrate on the substance.

10. AI is an affordable secret weapon for small businesses

Big brands have big budgets and teams to create content at scale.

For small businesses, solopreneurs and indie hackers, it’s difficult competing with limited time and resources.

But with AI writing assistants now accessible through affordable monthly subscriptions, small businesses can tap into SEO content superpowers once only available to larger companies.

Now small teams and individuals can punch above their weight class and compete in content creation.


AI is transforming every step of the content creation process.

By helping creators overcome writer’s block, generate ideas, research keywords, outline content, and write complete drafts optimized for both SEO and human readers, AI writing assistants have become an invaluable superpower for today’s digital marketers and content teams.

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