A Detailed Guide for Claude 2 - Anthropic's new chatbot

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Richard Awoyemi
Richard Awoyemi

Artificial Intelligence reached an inflexion point as Anthropic ripped the wraps off its latest creation - Claude 2. This breakthrough chatbot expands the abilities of its predecessor Claude to deliver Anthropic's most advanced natural language processing yet. With Claude 2, Anthropic has achieved a technical leap forward, and it's been made available in the UK and US on their website or globally via more accessible mobile apps like Nack.

Nack provides a peek into the future powered by Claude 2. Built as an all-in-one mobile assistant, Nack combines Claude 2 with other state-of-the-art AI to bring users a conversational platform enhancement beyond their imagination. Within Nack's sleek interface, everyday users access leading generative models like GPT-3.5, GPT-4, text-to-image generators, image upscaling and even the ability to voice note your chatbot - all in one place. It feels like chatting on WhatsApp but with a super-intelligent and talented assistant on the other side.

So how does interacting with Claude 2 through Nack actually feel?

In a word: empowering. Nack allows anyone to tap into Claude 2's expertise on demand. Whether tackling a challenging assignment, mastering a new skill, or exploring an area of curiosity, Claude 2 within Nack becomes an instant resource. In the coming years, we'll look back on tools like Nack as the spark that ignited generative AI for the masses.

What’s Changed in the newest version of Claude?

Now let's examine what makes Claude 2 such a leap forward from the original Claude chatbot:

Longer, More Coherent Responses

One of the most noticeable improvements with Claude 2 is its ability to provide longer, more coherent responses. While the original Claude was limited to relatively short replies, Claude 2 easily blows past those restrictions, seamlessly generating paragraphs or even pages of writing within a single chat exchange.

This huge expansion enables Claude 2 to educate users on complex topics with nuance and depth. Within Nack, questions on wide-ranging subjects elicit thoughtful, complete answers from Claude 2. Students can probe Claude 2 to bolster their understanding of challenging academic concepts. Professionals can pick Claude 2's brain to analyse problems from multiple angles. Anyone can glean new wisdom just by letting their curiosity guide the conversation.

Up-to-Date Knowledge and Improved Reasoning

Claude 2 also surprised developers at Anthropic with its strengthened ability for logical reasoning and tapping into contemporary knowledge. The company trained Claude 2 on more recent data from 2022 and 2023, helping the AI chatbot speak knowledgeably on the latest real-world events, cultural trends, and emerging technologies.

Nack supercharges this experience by giving Claude 2 the ability to access the internet when providing URLs, making conversations feel dynamic and grounded in the present day. Ask Claude 2 about new public figures or events, and it can generate informed perspectives. Have a programming question? Claude 2 knows JavaScript and Python thanks to exposure to modern frameworks. These upgrades make chatting with Claude 2 a highly engaging experience through Anthropic's website and apps like Nack.

Enhanced Safety and Ethics

However, Anthropic knows that capability alone does not make for responsible AI. From early on, the team worked diligently to amplify Claude 2's safety, minimise harmful responses, and address ethical risks. Using Constitutional AI, they instilled Claude 2 with principles to guide its conduct based on human values.

The result is a greatly increased reassurance factor when chatting with Claude 2 through Nack daily. While imperfect, Claude 2 exhibits significantly more care with sensitive subjects and steering clear of toxic language than many other AI systems.

This ethical grounding helps Anthropic advance AI that uplifts society. Apps like Nack democratise access to Claude 2 while maintaining guardrails aligned with human morals. Responsible deployment is core to Anthropic's philosophy.

How to access Claude 2 on mobile, web and API

Anthropic has made Claude 2 widely accessible to developers and general users alike:

For Businesses:

  • Claude 2 API - Enterprises can integrate Claude 2's capabilities into their products and services through a robust API.

For Individuals:

  • Anthropic's website - Anyone in the US or UK can chat directly with Claude 2 for free through the user-friendly website interface at

  • Mobile App - Everyday users can access Claude's knowledge via Nack, an all-in-one AI mobile app that gives access to Claud 2, GPT-4, multiple text-to-image apps, and much more. This app is available globally on iOS and Android.

Claude 2 API Pricing and Free Access

For developers and businesses, Claude 2 is available via API with usage-based pricing. According to Anthropic's pricing page, prompt inputs cost $11.02 per million tokens, while prompt completions cost $32.68 per million tokens generated. Compared to other enterprise-grade models like GPT-4, Claude 2's per-token costs are much cheaper.

For everyday users, multiple free and low-cost options exist to access Claude 2's capabilities:

  • Mobile apps like Nack integrate Claude 2 and offer free usage tiers to a global audience. Nack's cheapest subscription unlocks nearly 100x more Claude 2 usage for just $4.99 per month.

  • Anthropic provides limited free Claude 2 access to researchers and students wishing to experiment with generative AI safely - currently restricted to the US and UK.

So while paid plans exist for heavy API usage, Claude 2 remains extremely accessible to the public through free web chat and mobile app integration. Anthropic's approach makes cutting-edge conversational AI available to all, not just enterprise customers.

Real-World Applications of Claude 2

With Claude 2 reaching its full potential in apps like Nack, practical applications of this AI chatbot already abound across education, business, and personal use cases. If you've ever wondered how to use Claude - here are some of the ways to Claude through Nack:

  • Tutoring - Students can pull up Nack and access Claude 2 for customised tutoring across academic subjects, test prep, essays, and more.

  • Market Research - Analysts can tap into Claude's knowledge base to research many topics. They can also parse relevant articles and reports and synthesise insights to support business decisions.

  • Writing Aid - Authors and creatives can brainstorm ideas and develop story outlines with the help of Claude 2 through Nack.

  • Virtual Assistant - Having Nack on the phone means anyone can use Claude 2 for reminders, travel tips, shopping recommendations, and everyday task management.

These examples offer a glimpse into the real-world impacts Claude 2 will drive through integrations with practical mobile apps like Nack. But even more promising possibilities wait as Anthropic advances what's possible with AI. Here are some additional ways Claude's AI model could be applied:

  • Medical Research - Doctors and scientists can tap into Claude's vast knowledge base to accelerate insights and analysis for developing new treatments.

  • Customer Support - Support agents can have Claude 2 scan customer tickets and suggest solutions or compose thoughtful replies.

  • Legal Aide - Lawyers can utilise Claude 2 to sift through legal documents and case histories to help prepare cases.

  • Journalism - Reporters can collaborate with Claude 2 to generate article drafts, conduct background research, and fact-check stories.

  • Elder Care - Retirement homes could integrate Claude 2 so residents have an empathetic conversational companion.

  • Recruiting - HR professionals can work with Claude 2 to screen and shortlist optimal job candidates by analysing resumes and profiles.

  • Finance - Claude 2 can support financial advisors by analysing customer portfolios and economic conditions to give investment suggestions.

The breadth of possibilities is immense thanks to Claude 2's versatility and Anthropic's commitment to responsible AI development. As more mobile apps like Nack adopt Claude 2, its positive impacts will compound further.

Claude 2 vs GPT-4

Claude 2 vs GPT-4 - A picture of robots fighting in an arena from "A detailed guide for Antrhopic's new Chatbot"

While Claude 2 stands tall among its AI chatbot peers, how exactly does it stack up against the current forerunner, GPT-4? Understanding Claude's distinguishing strengths and weaknesses provides helpful context.

The differences betweeen GPT-4 and Claude 2

OpenAI's ChatGPT has dominated the spotlight over the last few months amidst the rise of the conversational AI phenomenon. In particular, the GPT-4 model (an upgrade on GPT-3.5) has proven exceptional in creative writing, brainstorming, coding, summarisations, copywriting and translations. Claude 2 and GPT-4 exhibit parallel capabilities in many ways - both can parse language, generate text, and discuss topics naturally. However, Claude 2 differs in a few critical dimensions:

  • Context window: Claude 2 handles lengthy blocks of text exceptionally well. The 100k context window gives Claude the ability to handle about 75000-word requests. The context window size means it can digest much larger documents GPT-4 without requiring creative prompt engineering. Users used to criticise the old version of Claude for only remembering the start and end of the context but forgetting the middle. Now, it performs better, but more extensive testing is required.

  • Reasoning skills: Claude 2 has superior reasoning ability and tackles technical topics like coding and math with greater skill than in the previous version. Several users have said that it handles many coding tasks as well as GPT-4, although GPT-4 still outperforms the more complex tasks. However, they've also said it's consistently better than Bard.

  • Response length: Claude 2 can also respond with long-form content. It can generate thousands of words in a single, coherent response. This is much longer than ChatGPT, which can only write a few hundred words in a single attempt.

  • Writing style: Claude 2 writes in a way that sounds less "robotic" than GPT-4 after feeding it several simple instructions. This improved writing style (alongside the other improvements) makes it much better for creating content.

  • Training Data Cutoff: One of the other more noticeable differences is the recency of the training data. Training Claude 2 on data until the start of 2023 means it can access more recent data and discuss more recent issues than GPT-4, which has a cutoff date of September 2021.

Though both models are similar, Claude 2 performs at a high standard, even compared to GPT-4, and much better than other competitors.

Claude 2 vs GPT-4 - A bar chart comparing LLM context windows and the great gatsby token consumption from "A detailed guide for Antrhopic's new Chatbot"

The Road Ahead for Claude 2

While Claude 2 already displays remarkable aptitude, Anthropic intends to further build upon this foundation. Upcoming iterations will likely support larger contextual lengths, expanded multilingual capabilities, and increased customisation options.

Central to Anthropic's mission is developing AI imbued with nuanced human ethics. Much like parents want their children to grow up kind, responsible, and community-focused, Anthropic aspires for AI models to demonstrate moral reasoning and judgment.

Apps like Nack show one path to democratising access to Claude 2 responsibly. As Claude 2 continues evolving, Anthropic is committed to nurturing its development in an ethical direction that benefits humanity. Partnerships with pressing real-world problems will test Claude 2's mettle.

Of course, the journey has only just begun. Claude 2 is imperfect, and its most transformative applications may still be years away. But the future looks undeniably bright under Anthropic's guiding hand for this AI Chatbot currently making headlines.

Responsible Generative AI

As advanced models like Claude 2 propagate, Anthropic recognises the critical importance of ethics and safety measures:

  • Rigorous Testing - Claude 2 underwent extensive evaluations, red teaming, and mitigation tuning before release. Ongoing monitoring continues.

  • Principled Training - Techniques like Constitutional AI embed human values directly into models like Claude 2.

  • Measured Rollout - Anthropic deploys conservatively, focusing on high-value and low-risk use cases.

  • Human Oversight - Human reviewers work with the technology to maximise benefits while minimising harm.

  • Earned User Trust - Anthropic openly shares details about its technology and solicits broad user feedback.

By prioritising safety, transparency, and clear principles, Anthropic hopes to accelerate progress in AI responsibly.

The Generative AI Revolution

With models like Claude 2 now widely accessible through integrations with platforms like Nack, society has reached an inflexion point for generative AI. Virtually any individual or organisation can tap into powerful capabilities like natural language processing on demand.

Realising the full potential of this rapid democratisation of AI will require foresight and care. Thought leaders and governments worldwide are proposing frameworks to guide the responsible development of AI systems. Efforts by OpenAI and Anthropic also represent other promising approaches.

Ultimately, a broad coalition encompassing technologists, policymakers, and civil society will likely be needed to steer the generative AI revolution toward positive ends. If we all rise to meet the challenge, this technological wave could propel human flourishing to new heights.

The story has just begun. Claude 2 can be a powerful tool and force for good. If you want to get started with this tool, download Nack AI to use Claude 2 today!

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