Steering AI

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Dexter Awoyemi
Dexter Awoyemi

Has new AI like ChatGPT changed the way you think about things?

The impact of large language models

The rise of powerful new models, like large language models (LLMs), is transforming our daily lives and is even making headlines for disrupting entire industries. AI now handles tedious tasks and collaborates with us to achieve more complex goals, acting like a digital sidekick.

Steering AI from two perspectives

However, as with any powerful tool, we need to know how to steer AI conversations effectively and safely from two distinct perspectives:

  1. users trying to get the most out of a conversation
  2. AI safety teams working to align AI with our values

Patience and persistence is all you need

For users, it's important to remember that even the most advanced AI might give unexpected responses or stray from the expected path during a conversation. AI, while incredibly sophisticated, still has room for improvement. Patience and persistence are key when guiding the conversation to achieve the desired results. 🌟

If you find AI going off course, try different approaches and boldly rephrase your questions or statements. Remember, the more specific and clear you are, the better the AI will understand your intent. 🎯

The challenge for AI safety teams

Meanwhile, AI safety teams work on steering AI through techniques like reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF) to align AI systems with our values. While we don't yet fully grasp all the intricacies of this process, researchers are continually striving to develop better methods to guide AI behaviour.

The importance of AI safety

As we focus on getting what we want from AI, it's crucial to consider the potential for unexpected deviations. AI safety is a growing concern, as these models can sometimes veer off course or generate outputs with unintended consequences. Some argue that we're facing the ripple effects of complex decisions made by earlier AI systems, particularly in the realm of social media's recommendation algorithms.

As we continue to develop and use new AI models, it's crucial to acknowledge that we don't yet fully understand their intricacies. With this in mind, we should remain vigilant and actively participate in shaping AI behavior for the better. 👁️‍🗨️

Embracing AI with Nack

We designed Nack to give you the most accessible way to tap into the power of these AI and to provide insights into how it responds to human input. AI capability is dramatically outpacing our understanding of these systems, and collectively, we should know what we're getting into. Embrace the potential of AI while staying mindful of its limitations, and together, we can unlock a future where AI serves as an invaluable and, even indispensable, companion.

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